Your First Visit

Your Initial Appointment At Albano & Greenwald Family Dentistry

Your initial appointment will consist of a consultation, during which you will meet the dental care provider and discuss your concerns related to your dental health. This is an important step in understanding your objectives, which will help us collect the necessary information to develop a tailored plan for your dental needs.

Comprehensive Initial Examination

A thorough initial examination is vital for accurately diagnosing a patient’s dental condition. This examination will include a set of x-rays and a complete evaluation of your teeth and gums. Our team will also assess the cosmetic appearance of your smile and the alignment of your bite and perform a comprehensive soft tissue examination to check for any other conditions that might be present.

Diagnostic Precision & Treatment Planning

The key to achieving excellent results is a careful diagnosis of the patient’s problems, ensuring that no aspect is overlooked. Depending on the issues identified during the examination, models of your teeth may be necessary to assist in creating a precise treatment plan.

Once we have thoroughly studied the situation, we will outline several treatment options. These discussions will focus on the advantages and disadvantages of each treatment, as well as the cost and estimated time required to complete it.

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